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The Team Makes the Difference 







Jill focuses on creating an environment where exceptional is the norm - for our team, our clients and publishers. “My drive: delivering 150%, every time.  Going beyond what’s expected, creating new, powerful solutions that excite and engage.  And doing so with an unmatched level of service.  This sounds simple - consistently putting this principle into action is a whole other story.” 

As the President of Blue Group Media, Jill is responsible for oversight of the company and management of the team, along with major client engagements.  Since 2004, she has created a thriving organization with an excellent reputation for integrity, creativity, and collaboration.  Representing leading global brands and surrounding herself with highly motivated, successful and likable people, Jill inspires a winning mentality, camaraderie and an open dialogue – a foundation that translates into smart selling and an exceptional customer service experience for clients, publishers, and employees alike.




Vice President | sr. Partner Strategist

Manager, Central & South America

Eric joined Blue Group Media in 2004 and quickly became an integral member of the sales team and the "BGM" family.  Named Partner in 2009, Eric oversees sales efforts for Central and South America, in addition to major partnerships throughout Florida and the Caribbean. 

Driven by an entrepreneurial spirit, Eric approaches business with well-rounded insight.  Media management comprises the bulk of his career, though he also taps into his experience in the stock market and as a business owner when applying the knowledge and determination needed to develop truly successful partnerships. 

Eric has an impressive track record for establishing relationships and instilling confidence.  Fostering an invaluable rapport provides unique access and insider perspective – the main ingredients that it takes to develop exceptional partnerships that deliver results.  



Caribbean Manager | SR. Partner Strategist

Rachel is a citizen of the world, dedicating the majority of her career to media sales in countries around the globe.  From Brazil to Mongolia, Rachel’s experience honed her skills and her aptitude for developing integrated programs with businesses and governments worldwide.  Her ability to speak multiple languages including Spanish and Portuguese makes Rachel a natural fit throughout key markets.

Joining Blue Group Media in 2012, Rachel expertly applies this knowledge to her partnerships.  She quickly excels wherever she's focused, and is a successful and indispensable member of our team (and a most enjoyable one.) What you’ll notice most about Rachel: her sincere commitment to professionalism, her over-arching intelligence, and an intense case of optimism.  The perfect trifecta




Digital Director | Integrated Partner Strategist

“It’s amazing to represent authoritative brands and provide clients with creativity, targeted reach and unmatched resources.  Having digital assets and capabilities to ‘wow’ our clients and exceed their goals puts Blue Group Media at the forefront of digital conversations in our region.”

Joining Blue Group in 2013, Michael spearheads our company’s digital enthusiasm. His passion and fluency in everything online is contagious, inspiring our team and our clients.  Since graduating from Michigan State in 2009, Michael’s experience in publishing and Internet services has grown exponentially – he stays far ahead of the pace of digital, creating viable solutions and continually raising the bar for our partners.  It's his level of communication and intelligent solutions that successfully drives Michael's strong partnerships throughout the travel industry.


Sales & Marketing Coordinator   

Attitude trumps experience, and Jen is the perfect example of what we mean when we say "likability first."  Her hands on experience in support and managerial roles across multiple business sectors brings exactly what's needed to organizing this critical role, and her attitude, professionalism, and thoughtful approach melds with our team, creating a smooth and unified environment all around.